TeachEasy was formed by Wendy (Secondary Education) and Joe White (Primary Education) who, combined, have a total of more than 36 years experience of headship.




Across the 36 years - the concept "assembly on the horizon" was never far away - and absorbed very many hours of preparation and delivery. Equally - it was difficult to find quality P.S.H.E. materials.


Monday morning, for example, would involve 7 o'clock arrival in school with ample time to generate a first class delivery.....

And then.... the phone rang!!


Sound familiar? TeachEasy is the perfect antidote for the Monday morning "I've got to deliver an assembly" blues!!





Wendy has been a teacher for more than 30 years including 16 years substantive headship of two schools and 3 schools (including an Outstanding School) as Executive Headteacher. She is currently Director of Education for the Diocese of Wrexham.



From Ofsted / Section 48/50 Inspections:



"The headteacher...demonstrates unwavering commitment to improving the life chances of all pupils at the school.."



"Opportunities for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development are woven through the fabric of the school. Activities, reflections, assemblies and lessons are strategically and carefully planned to help pupils to develop into thoughtful, caring citizens of the future."



"... she has acted swiftly and decisively to improve the quality of teaching and to adapt the curriculum to better meet students’ needs and aspirations. This had led to significant improvements in teaching and the progress students make. "



"has been very effective in improving the quality and consistency of teaching and learning rapidly across the school, through lesson observations, feedback, coaching and working together as teams to share best practice."





Joe has been a teacher for more than 30 years. With more than 20 years experience of headship including an Outstanding School, Joe has variously been described by Ofsted Inspectors as:



"an excellent teacher"....."exemplary commitment"....."an excellent role model for staff and pupils." ......"creating .. an inspirational learning environment."......“Leadership by the Headteacher is outstanding"




Joe has written and had published 6 pioneering Science Education books.



National Recognition:

From The Chief Executive Officer of National College For School Leadership in Key Note Speech to NCSL Conference / Birmingham:


  • "Joe White (is) an example of outstanding leadership in this country"...."an example of the kind of leader that we need"...(going on to describe the Associate Headship work at a struggling local school whilst managing my own establishment.)




Accredited as a School Improvement Partner (SIP)



Experienced Governor including:

  • Chair of Governors
  • Parents' Governor
  • Staff Governor
  • Foundation Governor


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