Terms and Conditions


Thank you for purchasing from TeachEasy. Please note the following Terms and Conditions of sale:


1. Buying a topic from TeachEasy technically involves buying a booklet or a package of a series of booklets. The video accompanying the booklet is provided free of charge with each written document.


2. All content is copyright (c) of TeachEasy and is not to be sold or reused without the permission of TeachEasy


3. The topics including the videos are for use in the specific school of the named purchaser only. If the named purchaser represents a Local Authority or an Academy Chain- it is essential to contact TeachEasy for a bespoke agreement for the content to be used beyond the single named school. The purchaser agrees not to pass the access information for each assembly to other schools and to ensure that individuals within his / her school are aware of the same legal requirement.


4. At the time of purchase, the buyer indicates that he / she has (when requesting invoice payment from school) authority and / or permission to make such a commitment.


5. P.S.H.E. Packs consist of introductory video, main theme video and booklet to form the basis of the lessons.


6. Any individual wishing to make a personal purchase must pay by credit / debit card via paypal.


7. The booklet for an Instant Purchase pack contains follow up activities to be used (only in the school of the purchaser) at the discretion of the purchaser.


8. The booklets for packages contain the full transcript of the pack and follow up activities to be used (only in the school of the purchaser) at the discretion of the purchaser.


9. Purchasers requesting packages will receive a reply within 48 hours of an order with full details of how to access packs.


10. The person responsible for delivering the materials must ensure that all aspects are appropriate for the audience intended.


11. The release date of each topic is clearly shown on the website. Purchases acknowledge that the topic may not be available until that point.



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