Our Assemblies / Lessons are available as Packages or can be purchased as Instant Purchase assemblies / lessons. The content and "pack" associated with the assembly / lesson is identical for each - however great savings (and peace of mind....being "ready".... can be achieved with the Packages



Use the links above to navigate to your desired age groups / theme.



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Instant Purchase:

If you would like to buy an assembly / lesson today, follow the links above to the desired assembly then choose the "Instant Purchase" option. Your card payment will be taken and then you will be able to access your video to download or stream. (We recommend downloading it.)


You will also free access to the thought provoking "Walk In / Walk Out" video which sets the tone for your lesson / assembly.


Additionally you will be able to access the Video Booklet which provides a transcript of the assembly / lesson and provides further activities / acts of collective worship to use .





If you wish to take advantage of the Packages, please click here to order. An email providing invoice and video passwords will be forwarded within 48 hours (almost certainly within 24 hours) to the email address provided. Each package uses the same password for all videos contained in that group.


The benefit of packages is that they represent excellent value for money and are paid by the school invoice. They are then available for use at your convenience. You will never be caught out without sufficient time to prepare your assembly / PSHE lesson.







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